This team operates as a unit of the Houston ExxonMobil Club.  We are run by a set of dedicated volunteers and have open positions.  Send an email to if you're interested in volunteering! 


Steering Committee Members

Captain: Conrad Hirsch    

Co-Captain: Steve R Lopez

SC Member:  Mark M Bush

SC Member: Angel Martinez

Treasurer: Doug Rofheart / Nelly Lopez

Past Captains: Joshua Lowry and Eric Powell


Committee Chairs

Membership Administrator: Open

Safety Coordinators: Ashley Dickson / Tom Braschayko

Quartermaster: Guy Munster

Volunteer Coordinator:  Josh Taylor / Mike Sweet 

Jersey Design & Distribution: Peter Hua

Ride Coordinators Committee: Tom Bevilacqua

Picnic Coordinator: Andrew Cashion 

Ride Mentor Coordinator:  Brian McGill

Energy Riders Training Series Liason: Jim Robin

MS150 Logistics: Wes Kinsey / Kristen Martin 

Socials & Community Outreach: Laura Parks

Health & Wellness Fair Coordinator: Bruno Asinelli

Team Marketing: Corey Hipps / Alex Mata / Teresa Giovannoli

Mountain Biking: Jon Roberts / Wesley Rich

VIP Coordination: Scott Ethington

Off-Season Cycling: Joshua Johnson / Scott Ramsey /

MS150 Hotel Coordinator: Doug Rofheart

MS150 Fundraising: Melinda Moore

Cycling Advocacy: Fred Corsiglia

Website Support: Danielle Willig / Mark Luker

Cycling Advocacy: Fred Corsiglia